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WWE has a challenger who thinks he ‘can flatten Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds’

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"At a WWE game or within the right struggle, '' I could sew brocklesnar within thirty seconds," Fury instructed Authentic Geordie podcast.

"Would you provide me the following title?"
It'd be intriguing to observe exactly what W we can make to Lesnar of the struggle of Fury.

Brock Lesnar challenged by a boxing lineal heavyweight champion.

Roman Reigns Seth Roll-ins Samoa Joe Daniel Bryan - Lesnar has vanquished all.  Possibly'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt comes with a promise.  S O could struggle'The Beast' ?'  There may be somebody keen to select the struggle.
Brocklesnar was the decade's absolute most WWE celebrity with title predominates and WrestleMania mainevent.  Lesnar is popularly known as Vince McMahon's'Golden Boy' (sorry Roman) and is the absolute most secure super-star within the past 34 decades.  He seems and is the recent WWE winner established to shield the name will soon probably next calendar year's WrestleMania.  There aren't really just a great deal of challengers abandoned from the WWE who are able to assert to get a really good likelihood of beating on Lesnar.
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Lineal boxing winner Tyson Fury has predicted to get some other type of sports or a game in the WWE betting.  Fury wishes to battle that the WWE at this time now made his WWE debut at crown-jewel at which Braun Strowman was conquered by him.
"You sure need to place brocklesnar onto it due to the fact I presume Brock may be your man," Austin told the CBS Sports' Condition of Comb At podcast.

"How frequently will he move to Suplex metropolis?  How awful did some body damage?  What is he will accomplish with the competition or what exactly is he will try to punish him"
"Together With Brock, you could declare'parttime' or that or anything, nevertheless if Brock proceeds into the ring,'' I however receive yourself a feeling of threat I feel I really don't know exactly what he will complete," Austin explained.

"Yeah, I always elaborate a struggle using Brock, to get certain.  (He is ) fairly easy, however that I could sew him"

Stonecold Steve Austin produced a statement he believes that Lesnar has ever become the superstar for W we at the last ten years.  While certainly were lots of alternatives, this selection was chose by stonecold.  The main reason why which he supplies is.

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